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What is Baby Peguero? Nobody knows!


By God's CONTINOUS Grace, he has blessed our family with another child on the way! We cannot be anymore blessed or happy for all the work God has been doing in our lives especially over these past few years with our engagement, our marriage, the purchase of our first home, and now another Peguero to add to team. We have been blessed by family & friends sharing things with us to use on the baby, but there are still a few things that little baby Peguero will need.  

With this awesome website, you, as our family and friends, can feel free to decide on any amount you would like to spend on a gift or any amount you would like to donate towards a gift - every dollar counts!  We Thank you sooo much for your help!!! Many Blessings <3

Love, the PEGUERO's (Luis, Coley, Bri, and our lil' surprise)

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